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Weekly Sales and offers

Afternoon my lovelies! As I like to concentrate on budget beauty here on Graceful Glamour UK, I thought it might be a nice idea to put together a weekly list of sales and offers on beauty products. Boots ● They have their trusty 3 for 2 offers on lots on selected skincare. There's some great savings to be had here and includes lots of different brands, including Soap and Glory, Neutrogena, Nivea, Garnier, various Boots ranges, aswell as the higher end Vichy and La Roche Posay and many, many more. Definitely worth a look ● Save up to 60% off selected Fragrances. There's lots to choose from here too. ● 3 for 2 on seleceted Bourjois, Rimmel, Revlon and L'Oreal makeup. ● Buy 1 get 1 1/2 price on selected Maybelline, Soap and Glory, Sleek and Real Techniques. ● Free gift when you buy three selected L'Oreal cosmetics. ● Free gift when you buy selected No7 cosmetics and brushes. ● Free gift when you buy two selected Max Factor. ● Free gift when you buy three

Get To Know Me 30 Questions Tag

I saw this 30 Questions tag and I thought it would be fun to give it a go. I'd quite like to try the beauty and Mummy versions of this too, so keep an eye out for those coming soon. 1. What is your middle name? It's Danielle, my parents let my brother choose it!  2. What is your favourite colour? It has to be pink! It's the ultimate girly colour and I can't get enough. 3. Who was your first best friend? My friend I've had the longest is my beautiful friend Alice. I've known her for 27 years, and I can always count on her through thick and thin. 4. How tall are you? I'm actually quite tall, 5ft9 5. Cats or dogs? Ooh that's a hard question... I love both as I'm a massive animal Loved, I'd have a while house full if I could. I'd have to go with dogs, as I have the most loving Staffie called Duchess. She's coming up to 12 years old this summer and she's one of the family. 6. Funniest moment through

Boots Haul

Evening all! I know what you're probably thinking, another haul?! But there was a couple of things I wanted to pick up, so off me and Gracie went to Boots, and got caught in the hail and snow! My poor little lady has been having allot of tummy pain, and they even though she might have appendicitis, so I've not been taking her out that much. Plus my Fibromyalgia has been majorly effecting me, so in all honesty I've been quite happy with a nice slow pace. But we were visiting friends in the afternoon, so it was a nice little trip along the way. Gracie loves going to Boots and Superdrug, and always leaves with swatches all over her, the same as me! The first thing I want to show you is the Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara. This was the main thing I wanted to get as I know it's new and people have been loving it so far. This isn't the cheapest of the drugstore mascaras at £8.99 but I don't mind paying that for a good one. I'll keep you updated on

I ❤ Makeup Haul

I was waiting for these brushes to arrive before I posted these products, as I don't want to bombard you with too many TamBeaty posts. Yes I know, I've been posting allot about them! I just love it when I find a fantastic company, which is completely cruelty free, with products that seem high end for the lower end in the drugstore/highstreet. Ok so let's get started the Fixing Spray for £5. I've only ever used the NYX setting spray which I've always been pleased with, but really wanting to explore a wide range of the Tam beauty products. These are the Wow glosses, and they were only £0.60 each in the sale! They are beautiful, a really nice pigmented formula, and they glide on really well for the swatches. This is the very beautiful I Want Candy Blush in Wow. A beautiful mid pink that swatches beautifully. The formula is so buttery and smooth. As you can see this is really super pigmented, but easily blends out that you can see on the righ

I ❤ Makeup Bleeding Heart Highlight

Well it seems to have been another busy/stressful week so far and this week has run away with me! There was lots I wanted to get done, but as usual with my Fibromyalgia and Crohns Disease, sometimes it just doesn't happen. My little one seems to be zapping what little energy I do have, but that's nothing new!  I wanted to get my haul post up with swatches, but I didn't manage that just yet. But I do have what I was most excited to tell you about, the I ❤ Makeup Bleeding Heart Highlighter. To say this is stunning, is a complete understatement. Ok so first let's look at the packaging. I love that it comes in a box with some tape on, as I'm always worried when I buy in store, that someone has had their fingers all in the product. Eeeeewwwww!! But more on that later... When you open the box, you find a lovely heart shaped box with a bleeding heart, with the name and product size etc. That brings me nicely on to my next point, the price of this product is

Dark Lip For Saturday Night!

Evening all! Thought I'd just do a quick face of the day post. I normally don't go for a dark lip, but after getting the Makeup Revolution Lip Kit in Integrity, I knew I had to give it a go! My reasons for avoiding them usually is because I can look quite drained, but happily this one seems to quite suite me. To start with, after my usual skincare I applied my The Ordinary Coverage Foundation, this applies like a dream and is not heavy or cakey at all. The coverage is medium to full, which is especially good for my spotty red skin today. Then I applied my Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer which definitely covers a multitude of sins. I'd heard great things, but I've been shocked at how well it covers my horrible dark circles, spots and redness on my nose. I then topped off the places that had concealer with a light dusting of my Maybelline Fit Me powder. Next was my contour, and for this I used my Makeup Revolution Contour stick which is a lovely cre