Tam Beauty Haul Time!

Hi all, it's been a tough week after my daughter has been quite ill. On Saturday night she starred getting severe stomach pains, went very pale and generally unwell. From calling the 111 service, to getting her checked three times, sleepless nights getting her examined seeing doctors, chemist and back again! The way things stand at the moment, it's either the start of appendicitis or swollen glands in her tummy. Apparently we won't know if it is appendicitis unless it gets very bad and the pain starts to travel, so I've got to keep a "close eye on her".

Well that's my bit of drama, so let's get on with the Haul! Unless you've been living under a rock since 2014 you'll know that Tam Beauty are the parent company of the brands Makeup Revolution, Freedom and I ❤ Makeup. They are a company that prides itself on keeping up with the latest makeup trends and offering them to consumers at an affordable price. From what I've seen so far from them, I'm certainly impressed. They make lots of dupes for high end products, which means everyone can afford to have great quality, trendy makeup on a budget.

First up we have the Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Comtour Foundation Brush.Usually £9.99 but currently on sale for £3.00! I love the shape of it and think it will be great for getting in those hard to reach eye areas.

Then the Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kits, which include a liquid lipstick and complimenting coloured lipliner. They are definitely taking inspiration from the Kylie Jenner lip kits, and Ive heard great things about these. They are just £6.00 per kit compared to the £20 ($29) Kylie ones. I chose the glossy ones as I've already got quite a few matte lipsticks and I just can't get them to work for me. Bring on the glossy lips!

I've been admiring the liquid highlighters for a while, and I'm really looking forward to trying out Makeup Revolutions Ethereal. It's a gorgeous pink colour, and I love me some pink highlighter! This is just £6.00, which is an amazing price.

Makeup Revolution are well known for their gorgeous eyeshadow palettes that gain inspiration from and compete with their higher end counterparts. The Reloaded Iconic Fever Palette has beautiful warm toned shadows with a nice range of finishes. At first swatch, I can tell this is going to be a staple in my collection. Hold on to your hats, because it's only £4.00!

The Unicorns Are Real Palette is a fun, colourful range of diverse shades which will appeal to many of the unicorn lovers out there. I'm looking forward to having a play, especially with that bright blue. Usually £4.00, but currently in the sale for a rediculously cheap £2.60!!! If you missed it when it first came out I suggest picking it up. At that price, why not?

Cute little set of I ❤ Makeup Mermaid Brushes, usually £5.00 but on sale for £1.50!!!

Makeup Revolution Ingot Highlighter in Rose Gold £6.00. This is just a stunning product, it's one of those love at first swatch shade!

Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter in Lunar. £3.00 for this delicious highlighter that looks like pale pink waves of silk?! Gorgeous!

Makeup Revolution Lip Euphoria in Dynasty. This isn't just a pink liquid lipstick, it's SHOCKING PINK! Absolutely stunning and I  the sale at £1.95 instead of £3.00.

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick in Girls Best Friend £3.00. Beautiful bright pink lipstick which swatches well. The lid fits nice ans tightly and I love he shiny rose gold packaging.

Makeup Revolution Strobe Balm in Euphoria, a massive saving down to £1.50 from £5.00. I've never used a strobe balm before, but I'm eager to try it.

Freedom Pro Camouflage and Correct in Green £1.95 down from £3.00. This is for covering up redness and spots. I've heard these concealer and corrector pots are a dupe of a high end alternative, so I'm looking forward to giving them a try. I've got my eye on the concealer to match, and something especially for the under eye.

And lastly the Freedom palettes. From left to right, Romance and Jewels, Brighten and Play Kit, and Dream catcher. These palettes swatch just as nicely as the Makeup Revolution ones, the larger palettes are currently reduced from £4.00 to £2.60 and the smaller one is only £1.63! If you don't already have them in your collection I highly recommend picking them up as the shadows swatch so beautifully, and feel so buttery and smooth.

Phew that's allot of stuff! I've got allot more from Tam Beauty to add in the next couple of weeks along with a couple of Mummy posts. I'll have pics and swatches of the new I ❤ Makeup Palette and the new Liquid Highlighters too. As I'm sure ou know, all of these proucts can be purchase from Tambeauty.com and there will be a selection of them in your local superrug store if you live in the UK, or Ulta is you are across the pon in the USA. I hope you enjoyed this haul post and I you all have a fantastic weekend xx


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