I ❤ Makeup Bleeding Heart Highlight

Well it seems to have been another busy/stressful week so far and this week has run away with me! There was lots I wanted to get done, but as usual with my Fibromyalgia and Crohns Disease, sometimes it just doesn't happen. My little one seems to be zapping what little energy I do have, but that's nothing new!

 I wanted to get my haul post up with swatches, but I didn't manage that just yet. But I do have what I was most excited to tell you about, the I ❤ Makeup Bleeding Heart Highlighter. To say this is stunning, is a complete understatement.

Ok so first let's look at the packaging. I love that it comes in a box with some tape on, as I'm always worried when I buy in store, that someone has had their fingers all in the product. Eeeeewwwww!! But more on that later... When you open the box, you find a lovely heart shaped box with a bleeding heart, with the name and product size etc.

That brings me nicely on to my next point, the price of this product is a very reasonable and affordable £5.00 and you get 10g of product for that! Honestly, I love that Makeup Revolution, I ❤ Makeup and Freedom are coming out with these stunning products for such reasonable prices, and I have to admit that even as a 32 year old woman, I love the adorable packaging! The love heart blushes and highlighters do obviously have some erm, inspiration behind them... But who doesn't want a gorgeous product at a fantastic price point? And if you are on a tight budget, then it's great there is a company out there making these products for us.

The highlighter itself is an absolutely stunning, beautiful pink with golden veins running through it. As you can see from the swatches, you can get different colour looks depending on where you swirl/dip your brush.  You could easily use this as a blush if you are fair skinned like me, or an eyeshadow as this would be beautiful too.

The staying power is pretty good, and wether you choose to apply wet or dry, you get a fantastic finish. Totally well worth a fiver in my book!

Left is pink mixed with the gold, right is the pink on it's own. 

I absolutely recommend buying this beautiful highlighter, it's available from either Tambeauty.com or Superdrug, both online or in store.

It never ceases to amaze me how disgusting and wasteful people can be... I went in to Superdrug to get this and a few other things and  I couldn't believe the amount of products that had been opened, broken and crushed. What is wrong with people? That's why we have testers! Come on, if we're just a little more considerate more of us get to enjoy the lovely products! I saw some of the coveted Revolution Conceal and Define concealers opened and the wands left on the shelf; why would anyone do that? Don't they know that stuff is like gold stuff? Anyway, that's my little moan for the day...

I hope you enjoyed the post and I'd love to know if you have this, or what else you are loving from Makeup Revolution, I ❤ Makeup and Freedom. But for now I'm for a nice relax! Xx


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