Get To Know Me 30 Questions Tag

I saw this 30 Questions tag and I thought it would be fun to give it a go. I'd quite like to try the beauty and Mummy versions of this too, so keep an eye out for those coming soon.

1. What is your middle name?
It's Danielle, my parents let my brother choose it! 

2. What is your favourite colour?
It has to be pink! It's the ultimate girly colour and I can't get enough.

3. Who was your first best friend?
My friend I've had the longest is my beautiful friend Alice. I've known her for 27 years, and I can always count on her through thick and thin.

4. How tall are you?
I'm actually quite tall, 5ft9

5. Cats or dogs?
Ooh that's a hard question... I love both as I'm a massive animal Loved, I'd have a while house full if I could. I'd have to go with dogs, as I have the most loving Staffie called Duchess. She's coming up to 12 years old this summer and she's one of the family.

6. Funniest moment throughout school?
Ooh school is a hard subject for me as I hated it. I was bullied throughout, so I didn't have many funny times.

7. Which countries have you visited?
Quite a few, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Cyprus, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Aruba, St.Lucia, St.Vincent, Barbados.

8. Did you go to college?
I went to two different colleges, for different things.

9. What was your favourite/worst subject in highschool? 
My favourite has to be history, I love learning about our past, especially the monarchy and the war of the roses. My love for history has continued and I often love to watch documentaries and films based on history.
My worst subject was probably PE, I'm not a very sporty person. In UK we also aren't allowed to shower after PE so you then havr to sit around in sweaty clothes, bleurgh!

10. What is your favourite drink?
My favourite alcoholic drink is a choice between 2, I'll either drink Southern Comfort and Lemonade or the classic Gin and Tonic. I do prefer Southern comfort in the winter as it's nice and warming.
11. What is your favourite animal?
As I say I don't really have favourites as I'm a massive animal lover, but I do have a massive love for horses. I had two horses, but had to give them up when I got ill with my Crohns Disease back in 2007. My sister still has hers and I like to visit him now and again. I really do miss riding and having that strong bond with a horse.

12. What is your favourite perfume?
Ooh another hard one, as there's so many I like. I'd have to say the one I've worn consistently over the years has to be Christian Dior J'adore. I first tried it when I was on a trip to Paris back on 2002 and have repurchased and been gifted it several times.

13. Tea or coffee?
Ooh, that depends in the situation. Coffee to wake me up in the mornings, but I love a cup of tea when I need comforting. If anything goes wrong, a nice cup of tea and biscuits can always help make me feel better.

14. What are the names or your children?
My daughter is called Gracie Lily, and my son who I lost last year was Nathaniel David.

15. What sports have you played?
My favourite sport was show jumping back before I got I'll, but as I said I can't do it anymore with my Crohns Disease and Fibromyalgia.

16. What's your favourite book?
The one which I've read numerous times is Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice. It's a complete classic and I'm sure many many Elnglish ladies will have this on their favourite lists.

17. Who's your favourite Youtuber?
I've been on YouTube for a long time, since 2007 and my favourite who's been on there for years is Emily Noel, Beauty Broadcast, although she has a new sirname since she started her channel! My favourite newer Youtubers are Dramatic Mac and Carmi MUA.

18. What is your favourite movie?
It has to be the classic Dirty Dancing. I've loved this movie since I was about 8 years old, even though I didn't understand half of it and my sister used to fast forward the rude bits.

19. Are you single or taken?
I'm grieving, the one I loved was killed in a hit and run last year. It physically hurts every day and the pain hasn't really lessened since last March 💔

20. What is your current hair colour?
My current hair colour is actually my natural brunette. I haven't has my natural hair colour in years, but I'm liking the dark right now.

21. What's your favourite season?
It has to be the summer for me, I live in a seaside town and love practically living at the beach. The warm weather also helps my Fibromyalgia pain slightly so I have a bit less pain too.

22. Whats your favourite childhood memory?
It has to be playing in the garden with my big brother and sister. I was always with my brother when I was little, I used to adore him. He'd put me in the wheelbarrow and wheel me round the garden in it. Such simple playing, but having such great fun.

23. Do you speak any foreign languages?
No I really don't, but that's not for the lack of trying! I just can't seem to get my head around it, no matter how many times I've tried.

24. Do you have any siblings?
Yes I have an older sister Shelley who is eleven years older, and my brother Ross who is eight years older.

25. How would you describe your fashion sense?
I like a range of different clothes, so I wouldn't really day I have a particular style, but I love to wear jeans with nice tops. 

26. What is your favourite restaurant?
I love good pub grub, and there's not really any that stand out over the other, but there's nothing better than a nice cup try pub lunch.

27. What are your favourite tv shows?
Unfortunately two of my favourites are cancelled 😢 The first was Vampire Diaries and then they've just announced that The Originals will have it's last season in March of this year too. Supernatural has to be my favourite, but some of the others I watch and enjoy are Chicago Fire Med and PD, Law and Order SVU, How to Get Away With Murder, Scandal, Criminal Minds, Shadow Hunters, Into The Badlands.

28. PCor MAC?
I have a Mac but she's getting quite old now bless her. I need to invest in a new one this year. 

29. What phone do you have?
I have the Samsung S8, I've always had Samsung's as I prefer them to IPhones.

30. What are your worst habits?
Ooh I never admit my bad habits! 

So there you have it, my 30 questions. I hope you've enjoyed learning a bit more about me. I'd love to see some others answers to this tag, if you've done it please feel free to leave a link in the comments. For for now, goodbye xx


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