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I was waiting for these brushes to arrive before I posted these products, as I don't want to bombard you with too many TamBeaty posts. Yes I know, I've been posting allot about them! I just love it when I find a fantastic company, which is completely cruelty free, with products that seem high end for the lower end in the drugstore/highstreet.

Ok so let's get started the Fixing Spray for £5. I've only ever used the NYX setting spray which I've always been pleased with, but really wanting to explore a wide range of the Tam beauty products.

These are the Wow glosses, and they were only £0.60 each in the sale!

They are beautiful, a really nice pigmented formula, and they glide on really well for the swatches.

This is the very beautiful I Want Candy Blush in Wow. A beautiful mid pink that swatches beautifully. The formula is so buttery and smooth.

As you can see this is really super pigmented, but easily blends out that you can see on the right. It gives a beautiful satin finish, which is great if you are doing a simple look.

This is I Tint My Brows in Blonde, I've read that this is a dupe for a Makeup Forever product. I don't have the other product to compare, but I've already used this and I'm very impressed.

As you can see, the spoolie is nice and small, just the right size to give you a precise shape. This was in the sale for £0.90, but the usual price is still a tiny £1.99,which is incredible for the quality for this brow gel.

This is the No Photo's Please Palette, and I got this in the sale for just £1.50, down from £4.99.

There's 10 shadows in this palette, and as you can see, they are beautifully pigmented. I didn't use a primer with these swatches.

I'm just so impressed with these, and for £1.50?!

Now on to the Selfie Palette, again just £1.50 down from £4.99 with a free primer.

Look at how pigmented and beautiful these shades are!

I have to say, although I don't know if any of these shades are actual dupes, but they kind of remind me of the Urban Decay Palettes 1 and 2. Hmm, what do you think?

This is the free primer that comes with the palettes. It's a very pretty champagne coloured smooth cream. I'm looking forward to giving it a try.

This is the Unicorn Brush Set £9.99 down from £14.99. They are cruelty free, incredibly soft and feel very substantial when you hold them in your hand.

Well, again that was quite a few products! As I say, I know that I've had quite a few Tam beauty products on recently, but I've been enjoying and hauling them allot recently. This isn't a sponsored post and they don't know I'm writing this post.

So what I ❤ Beauty or TamBeauty products are you loving right now? Xx


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